Q Switch Laser is a Nd:YAG low-fluence mode "laser toning" device using photoacoustictechnology to cause fragmentation and rupture of pigmentation. This laser reduces warmth induced cellular damage, is less painful, and is safe to perform on a variety of skin types including clients with Asian or darker skin types and clients with a higher
risk of adverse reactions, such as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. This procedure is suitable for skin tone and texture irregularities, enlarged pores and post pregnancy or hormonal pigmentation (melasma).




Who is suitable for Q Switch Laser?

Q Switch Laser is suitable for:

  • Melasma type pigment that has occurred from medication, trauma, or hormonal influences
  • Post pregnancy pigmentation (same as melasma)
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation that has occurred from trauma
  • Open and enlarged pores
  • Congestion and blackheads
  • Generalised skin toning irregularities
  • Asian skins
  • Darker fitzpatrick skin types

How does Q Switch Laser work?

Q Switch Lasers are developed under a technology called photoacoustic. This means it does not use heat to produce a controlled trauma and healing process, like IPL. Due to this it makes it a safe option for clients suffering with the above conditions.

The laser attracts to deeper dermal pigmentation then fragments and ruptures the pigment into micro particles. The body then stimulates its lymphatic system to remove the shattered particles out of the body.


What will my skin look like directly after the Laser?

Q Switch Lasers are designed induce controlled trauma without heat. But due to the photoacoustic stimulation of the skin cells, you may experience mild to moderate erythema directly after. Your skin may have a flushing of pinkness with darkening of pigment lesions. A rarer side effect may include a hive like response in some people which can be alleviated with oral antihistamines if suitable (always consult your Nurse first).

How many treatments will I need?

Q Switch Lasers need up to 6 treatments for best results, these will be performed at a fortnightly interval. Results from Q Switch can start to be seen generally from third treatment onwards.

How to book for this treatment?

Unsure if this is suitable for you? Please book a Skin Consultation appointment with Medical Skin and Laser by calling 54411455. If a previous consultation has been performed please ask the Receptionist to book you in for a Q Switch Laser appointment.