IPL is a procedure that utilises a light therapy to create a controlled thermal damage to the skin. IPL targets different sections of the skin depending on client concern. For lightening sun damage and pigmentation, the IPL light is absorbed into the melanin and shatters it. For acne, IPL kills the P-acne Bacterium that causes the breakout and inflammation. For reducing facial redness (Rosacea/capillaries/telangiectasia) the IPL targets haemoglobin, the red blood visible within the capillary, and destroys the way it is formed.  IPL is suitable for vascular lesions up to 1.5mm deep and up to 1mm in diameter. IPL will reveal a more even, blemish free, reduced redness appearance to the skin while stimulating collagen, which degrades over time as we age.



Who is suitable for Intense Pulse Light?

IPL Laser is suitable for:

  • Sundamage
  • Genetic pigmentation
  • Post acne scarring
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Rosacea
  • Capillaries
  • Irregular skin texture

How does Intense Pulse Light Laser work?

IPL Lasers are developed with a technology that induces a controlled thermal heating of the skin cells and tissue. Thermal heating of the skin then stimulates a wound healing process while stimulating collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin stimulation is what assists with improving ageing and skin plumpness. The laser settings can be altered and customised for each individual concern.

For the concern of facial redness or capillaries the laser targets the haemoglobin and converts to heat resulting in destruction of the red blood vessel. For the concern of pigmentation, the laser targets and denatures the pigment lesions from the skin. For the concern of the scarring and rejuvenation it works on very similar pathway via collagen stimulation through control trauma and wound healing processes. The body’s lymphatic system then works to remove destroyed particles out of the body.


What will my skin look like directly after the Laser?

After an IPL Laser your skin may experience mild to moderate sunburn like sensation with facial redness. When treating Rosacea, facial capillaries may change to a grey or purple appearance with possibility of completely disappearing. Rosacea skins may experience short-term swelling, bruising and mild heat. When pigmentation is treated it can progress up to four shades darker with facial warmth and erythema. Pigmentation may possibly micro crust over 2-3 weeks post treatment. Some of these types of responses can take possibly 48 hours to settle and others up to 3-4 weeks.


How many treatments will I need?

IPL Lasers need up to 2-4 treatments at 4 weekly intervals for best results. Results from IPL Lasers can start to be seen generally from first treatment onwards.

How to book for this treatment?

Unsure if this is suitable for you? Please book a Skin Consultation appointment with Medical Skin and Laser by calling 54411455. If a previous consultation has been performed please ask the Receptionist to book you in for an IPL Laser appointment.